Dear members of the Anglican & Episcopal Congregation!

However loud the organ will play, it is not able to break up through the human voice and motion, what we can experience every week at the end of the Mass.

When I just began to play organ for the Congregation, our priest Fr. Robert told me about my responsibilities. One of them was „the postlude after the Communion”. During the time I am organist here, I played for you over 70 different postludes and never played one piece twice. Every one takes from 3 to 5 minutes – the small, but optimal time for focusing the attention.

But if my music is disturbing somebody in his joy about the finish of the celebration, let us discuss, if we really need it.

Although it is a big joy for me to play the organ, I cannot to do it in time when people want to meet, speak, discuss, going through the church and so on. For all these activities the silence is required. Let’s decide about new scope of silence during the Sunday celebrations – and I will respect it strongly.

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