100th Anniversary of the Titanic

The next Sunday we will celebrate the anniversary of Titanic's disaster. It was happend exactly 100 years ago. Even now, as we know, people can be so stupid, that they will make the next "Titanics", will they have "Costa Concordia" name or whatever else.

Because of the closest connections of Titanic with Great Britain and United States, we would like to dedicate the Sunday celebration to memory of all of Titanic's victims.

We will sing the hymns which were performed on the Titanic's board before and during the disaster. Since we know about "Nearer my God, to thee" or "Eternal Father, strong to save", we can make a choice of the tunes: "Melita" for "Eternal Father" and "Horbury" or "Bethany" for "Nearer my God". We don't know exactly, which tune was used by the ship orchestra. Cameron's "Titanic" used the "Bethany", but some actual memories tell us about "Horbury", which also was used by Joseph Bonnet (1884-1944), who composed the excellent piece named "IN MEMORIAM: TITANIC" as a number 1 from the cycle "12 pièces pour grand orgue" op. 10 (published in 1913). The piece is dedicated "to the memory of the Titanic's heroes", and I will play it on the end of Sunday celebration.
So, everybody is welcome.

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